“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” — Carl Sagan

It’s time for a new update on my game in progress, an update that includes its new title.

My most recent post addressing what stage of development the game was in said that I was at ‘alpha’. This meant that, in a bare-bones sense, everything was in and generally working. You could even play from the start-to-the-end of the game — if you were careful. And while most of it only made sense in my head (ha), the foundation existed.

A week or two ago I hit ‘beta’. I didn’t announce this because it didn’t feel as noteworthy as hitting alpha did to me. At beta, the game had everything in — but a lot of the text was placeholder (fairly significant in a story-focused game), features didn’t always make sense, and it wasn’t easy to play — giving it all a very rough, broken feel.

Last night, however, I hit what some might refer to as the ‘public beta’ stage.

There is no placeholder text left in the game; it’s all been given at least the once-over. I’ve tried to make the game a little more forgiving and, more importantly, clear. All of the intended ways to play through are now in. Thanks to a couple volunteers, I’ve even been able to address two compatibility bugs.

I would not say everything is perfect. There are still things I need to do to smooth the experience out. But it’s hit a state where I’m feeling pretty happy with it. Also, as I noted about the game now has a title:

I Think The Waves Are Watching Me

It strikes me as a name that is unique, and that also reflects the tone and spirit of the game. Feel free to let me know what you think.

My plan from here is to add a little more content by way of ‘random story encounters’ and to address feedback from anyone who plays. Meanwhile, I’ll be training up on Unity. Originally, the plan was to use the text version of the game as a blueprint for a graphical, Unity-based version, but I think the text version has so completely become its own thing that I likely cannot ‘just add graphics’. So while I’m learning Unity, I’ll also be working out the details of what comes next.

What do you think?