New Project Hits Alpha, World Holds Breath

It’s been a time since I last posted. But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to write some thoughts about what I’m doing.

Back on February 3rd I came up with what I thought to be a quick game concept that I  could knock out in a matter of days. It was to be a board game-esque, text-only game — something to let me get comfortable with the basics of C#.

Skip the next 200 hours later  to today, and I finally hit alpha. Alpha! Who would have ever thought words could take so long to “make do stuff”? Obviously, my planning is getting re-adjusted.


(By alpha I mean that a player can start-and-finish the game, without cheating, and all the features are in and working — but a lot of the text and content is placeholder. Yes, 200 hours to make a text game and I’m not even done with the text.)

What’s next?

  • Get the content and words done! That puts me to beta.
  • Polish, bug fixes, and balance. That puts me to release.
  • Freely distribute the game to anyone who doesn’t get ill at the thought of playing a game with no graphics. Solicit feedback.
  • Wrap the project —
  • — and then re-build it in Unity… this time with graphics!
  • Sell the game for bazillions (bazillions of what?) and then hopefully move on to the next project.
  • Update this site all along the way.

I have tons of other things to add, but let’s start this thing up slowly.

What do you think?